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Putting up my 6 speed manual Gallardo for sale. I have owned the vehicle for the previous 6 years and have not put much mileage on it. Although it hasn’t had much mileage put on it has had the yearly maintenance/fluid changes and has been started regularly and driven around the block. This is a higher vin# 04 (over 1000). The car currently has 33,390 miles on it and shows like new. I have seen many Gallardo’s with far fewer miles that don’t come close in condition to this one. The previous owner was a car show fanatic and I was told he never drove the car much above 4500 rpms. He enjoyed the car more for car shows. The service he had done was done at a Lamborghini dealership in Texas. ( Lamborghini Houston if my memory serves me correctly). This is a low owner (I am third according to carfax but second owner bought it only to resell), no story, ready to drive vehicle that needs nothing other than a door handle cover (currently out getting painted and will be put on this week). The only modifications on the vehicle are ones that I have done since taking ownership. They include the front bumper/carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber wing with backup camera, LOC exhaust, full stereo with amp and custom box/sub and center dash control covers. I have all the factory parts that will come with the car including the original bumper, exhaust and stereo.

$115k located in the Bay Area, California.

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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