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Welcome to Lamborghini-Talk. Owners and non-owners are welcome. We want your experience here to be fun and informative. Hopefully you can meet some new friends, while building an appreciation for these wonderful automobiles. We ask that you please follow these forum rules In order to enjoy the site as much as possible.

1. Please do not ask what other members do for a living, or make references to salary's and other personal information.
In addition, do not try and make an impression by how successful you are, and how much money YOU have. This subject matter is in poor taste, and will likely breed resentment rather than praise.

2. Please refrain from using profanity. Treat all members with respect, joking and a little sarcasm is okay, but be careful not to offend others.

3. When posting, please be careful to place your post in the appropriate section, and do not post in more than one section, this keeps the forum orderly and makes it easier for members to search topics in the correct section. It also makes the Moderators job allot easier by not having to move your post.

4. Keep your post relevant to the topic being discussed. Please do not waste members time with tall tales, and untrue statements.

5. Do not SPAM this forum. Your post will be deleted as fast as you put it up. If your post appears to be a more subtle form of SPAM we will notify you of it's inappropriateness.

6. If you have any problems with another member, please contact a Moderator. It is against forum rules to post PM's of other members in the open forum. HAPPY POSTING!


Now that the board is officially supporting Sponsors/Vendors, it is time to put the advertising rules into effect.

1. Advertising from non supporting vendors is not allowed. Period. Do not post a link to your site, link to your business, contact information, pricing, etc. Do not attempt to sell your product on the forum without authorization.

The forum costs money to run, and until you contribute to the forums, you have no place in using it to promote your own business.

2. Non vendor discussion is allowed, but advertising on behalf of a NSV will not be allowed. Any of the following is considered advertising: posting Links, addresses, emails, phone numbers on behalf of the company. Any other excessive discussion will be deleted at moderators discretion. Deleted posts of this type should be discussed through PMs only and are not to be discussed in the open forum.

The line is thin, and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed.

3. Group buys from supporting vendors are allowed. However, group buys from non supporting vendors (especially on products that our supporting vendors sell) will be heavily frowned upon.

4. Business signatures are not allowed from non supporting vendors. This rule also applies to avatars, listings of homepages, and any other profile information.

It is in your better interest to support your vendors, and in turn, they will be supporting you. This promotes a tight, well supported and funded community which will help promote innovation.

There will be more rules added, for now, I would appreciate it if non supporting vendors would please remove signature images, text, etc. promoting their business.

To become a vendor please contact [email protected] for the information.
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