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A bit of context.
My good friend who I hadn't seen in over a year was in a town just over an hour from my house visiting some family. His sister coordinated me driving over to surprise him during this family gathering of theirs. I of course rolled up in the Lambo as they were outside and gave him quite a shock lol. I ended up giving him his first ride ever in an exotic and considering our past growing up as kids, it was worth the wait.

More context.
Him and I could be found in the garage as kids, modifying our go cart engines, gopoeds, dirtbikes, you name it. In high school we upgraded to cars and did the same. We learned through trial and error and would tinker on anything with a motor. As we got older he ended up moving 6 hours away, but you usually always have a strong connection with one friend throughout life and he's it. Best man in my wedding, always on the same wave length when problem solving, you get it. Well, he missed out on my Ferrari and McLaren when I had them, I wasn't letting that happen again.

So please don't mind the strong language and childish behavior in this unlisted video. We waited our entire lives up to this point to do this together, so I gave it the beans!
We ended up finding a dead end street and a random guy on a bicycle who probably still can't believe what he encountered on his ride that day lol! Also, the PS4S tires showed zero wear (measured) and no heat damage, etc. Amazing tires!


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Looks like you guys had a blast but where was LEO? Man you guys were lucky you didn't get snagged by your friendly local PD!

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-Great video! Guys being guys, nothing better.
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