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For Sean Twin Turbo

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Sean: did you replace Shahram' tires with all P Zero "Rosso"s? Were his original tires the old style P Zero Asimmetrico's. thanks
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I replaced his tires with Pzero Assimm. because he has VT we had to stay with the exact sizes.As`I posted before there are no 235/35/18 Rosso available but since you have a SV not VT you can go with 235/40/18 Rosso.
You have 2 options:

1)find one 335/30/18 Pzero assimm. but as you know they are discontinued.When I was trying to get the tires for Shahram,people who had the tires were not willing to break up a set and they wanted a very high premium.But I was able to find them from other sources that I have.

2)Buy a set of Rosso.2 235/40/18 Rosso(instead of 235/35/18 assimm) + 2 335/30/18 Rosso

If you have any more questions,give me a call at 1-888-456-0437.
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