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Hello all,

I needed the Thermocopule ECU / Junction box for 2007 Gallardo Spyder. I just recently had the sensors replaced, but then the ECU itself also went out.

I ended up purchasing the whole kit (Part # R1400030) from AHM -- which included the sensors and the junction box. This kit cost $1190.00.

I bought the whole kit because it was actually cheaper than buying the ECU itself -- it sells for more than that, and then the sensors themselves sell for ~$750 apiece when bought separately. Unfortunately, that $750 apiece is what I just paid to have the sensors replaced, so that's already been done on my Gallardo. (Obviously, I did this before I found out there was a whole kit with all 3 parts)

End result: I have the following 2 sensors, from the kit, and no use for them. They are brand new.

If you happen to be in the opposite condition from me (need the sensors but not the ECU) then these should be perfect for you.

Asking $600 for set.

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