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Very nice color combo, decent mileage, extremely good condition inside and out. Nero Osyris over two tone red and black. I’m including an icloud link to a detailed video I recently took of the inside and outside of vehicle at the end of the post. Here are main details and options. I bought car a year ago with 18,000 miles, it currently has 21,500. Car had just two issues when I bought it, first was the AC compressor, so I had Lamborghini Orlando replace it last year with factory Lambo part rather than trying to go the cheaper and probably smarter alternative, that’s the OCD in me. Second is the evap sensor code that comes up every now and then, P0442. PPI shop from Marshall Goldman, Lamborghini Orlando and Steve at Omega Motorsports all have said the same thing, it doesn’t affect the vehicle at all, to just get an OBD2 scanner and get rid of it whenever it comes on. Car has been flawless aside from that, and I made the changes I thought would give this car the best driving characteristic. Here are main options and upgrades:
-Front lift (‘05 and up)
-4 brand new PS4S tires
-Wheels powder coated black
-Calipers powder coated red
-LOC exhaust
-Fabspeed test pipes
-Fabspeed quad tips
-Clear engine bonnet
-RSC Supperlegera carbon wing
-Carbon interior (steering wheel, dash, center console, door handles, e brake)
-New head-unit with bluetooth and Apple Car Play
-RWD conversion
-Aluminum buttons to replace plastic ones
-Seat warmers

I’ve not personally seen a nicer Gallardo, and it’s a manual to top it off. Vehicle is located in Jacksonville, FL. I welcome PPI.

Price: $105,000

Video link: iCloud

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Many for some reason think front lift was only offered on 05+ cars; this is in fact false. It was available on 04 cars as was the transparent engine bonnet.
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