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I am selling my Borla sport exhaust system for my Diablo. This includes four Borla tail pipes. I have run mine for about two years and the sound is quite to my liking. I’m only switching out to Larini because I have an engine out and Larini is the rest of my exhaust. Seeking $500. (don’t have photos on my phone to easily post but I can get them next week to anyone interested)

Also selling an Avior straight pipe exhaust for my 08 pre-LP Gallardo. Never used, never even installed, in brand new condition. Wanted to install but frankly I very much like the sound of the factory exhaust on that car and have decided not to go through with removing the bumper and doing the exhaust. (The neighborhood courtesy consideration for early morning start ups is also a fairly major consideration for me personally.) Seeking $1,200. Here are photos.

PM me. DiabloClyde


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