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Floor mat clips

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My gallardo has some new mats. How can I remove the existing mat mounts (pic 1) so I can’t fit the new mat mounts (pic 3).

also does anyone knowwhat would fit the existing mat mount to hold these in place? (Pic 2)

The OEM are two piece where the bottom is also screwed into the carpet. Looks like the aftermarket are similar so just unscrew the old ones and screw in the new.
I include new oem clips with the mats I do. If needed, call/text 717-319-210. You can see near bottom. Also have the female ends @Xps :

Also, if anyone is looking to do new mats, more pics at this link below. Can do just about anything you can think of.

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I just need the female ends then? do the original clips that are under the mat just unscrew ?
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