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First to arrive in DIEGO!!!!!!!!!

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We are at the BAY CLUB. It is greaqt weather today, mid 80s. The hotel is GREAT, plenty of good parking. They are all eagerly awaiting us to get here.
I am in room 200. Have my 6.0se HERE. Steve coming on Friday with my NEW Mercy, never seen this coilor before, with glass rear deck.

See all of you soon, taking a cab and heading out now!!

RoyToy2003 Seattle, WA :wave:
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Yep, Roy is in my hood. I was taking my wife's car to the carwash I frequent, when I saw the carwash detailing a metallic brown Lambo 6.0. As soon as I saw that car, I already knew it was Roy's. So without any doubt, I approached the gentleman in the car. Sure enough, it was Roy. What a small world. Nice meeting you Roy. I guess I see you tonight at dinner.

Did you find your keys?
Sorry, I arrived a little late. By the time I got there, it was already dark. I was not able to get good pictures. I do have a short video of a 99SV doing a short burnout. I'll promise to take some pictures tomorrow and post it up as soon as I get home.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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