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First Post. New car.

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Just got my 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO delivered.
Giallo Belenus (+$14k color option) + Narvi Gloss Black rims + Sportiva carbon fiber bucket seats + forged carbon composite accents

Simply stunning color in person. It’s just beautiful. My iPhone camera does not capture the beauty of this color. “You have to see it in person” (things every Lambo owner has said). It’s almost an iridescent type of gold/yellow with a slight neon hue to it and there is a crystal “glitter” in the paint that shines like a diamond in the sunlight. My wife and I could not take our eyes off of the car. I’ve never seen such a vibrant yellow before in real life and it almost looks photoshopped with how deep the yellow is and how it reacts to different light sources in the environment.

Thank you Lamborghini for making such a masterpiece.


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