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Not to be a downer, but unless I see it handily outrunning a Dodge Hellcat, I will not assume that it is more than, shall we say, a showpiece.

If a Lambo can't whip the pants off of a muscle car or a Corvette, I will experience an FTBI.

Captain Cue Ball puts a big rock right back in the road. He doesn't belong near a Lamborghini or a public road. There were a few large rocks he could have removed from the road, but nooooo he's too busy taking bong hits off his reflection in the camera lens, evidently.

I'm not talking about clearing the entire road. I'm talking about not putting a big rock, which was in his possession, right back on the pavement. Also, the very few that were within about 10 feet of him, while he was already stopped.

He strikes me as the type who would piss on someone who was drowning in a cold river to warm him up. While taking a Youtube video.

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