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Hello, i'm new to the forum and just have a simple recommendation related question. I'm about to buy my first car and have narrowed my choices down to a few cars, and need your help taking a few out, or adding a few new ones. My budget is currently 5K. The current top two cars i'm debating between are the, Datsun 240z and BMW e30. I would like a 325is although I appreciate all the e30's, so it doesn't matter much to me. There are a few other cars i'm still thinking about such as a high mileage M3's and even a few other classics. From my research I have come out with a few positives and negatives for each car, if these are wrong please inform me, as it may help me make my decision. I know the most important thing will be to actually drive the cars. The problem is ,however, that I do not know how to drive manual as my dad will be teaching me on the car I purchase and he will be the one test driving the cars.

Datsun 240z:
+ Great fun to drive
+ Good looking
+ Could increase in value
+ Good following
- Expensive maintenance
- More expensive in general
- Less reliable
- Less practical

BMW e30
+ Fun to drive
+ Great following
+ Good Looking
+ Reliable
+ Good looking (not outstanding however.)
+ More practical
- Hard to find one that hasn't been beaten on.

Let me know what you think I should buy/not buy. Also an in advance thanks for taking the time to help.

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Congratulations on your first buy, but I'm afraid I can't really offer any helpful advice. This forum is for the most part related to Lamborghinis. I know a little about purchasing a Lamborghini, but nothing about your candidates. Buying a car is often done by emotion and to a lesser degree of practicality.

I would suggest you buy what makes you happy, what you think would bring you the most joy. Good luck!
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