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Finally got my EVO!

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Long-time lurker, first time posting.

Well here it is, my '22 RWD EVO. Took about 15 months to get after placing my order/deposit, but it was worth the waIt. Anyways, here's my spec in Verde Selvans, a hard color to capture in photos, but my front end pic is pretty close.

Thanks to everyone at The Luxury Collection Walnut Creek for a very smooth process, everyone was great, especially my rep Lemar!


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Congratulations. That is one beautiful car. I put in a Tecnica order with Walnut Creek Lamborghini with Lemar and hope to get it. I have a Huracan now and looking to meet some other owners and go for some drives. Let me if you're ever up for it. Once again congratulations and sexy spec.
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