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Lamborghini Diablo from eBay answers dentist's dream
By Jojo Santo Tomas
Pacific Daily News

After taking a look at some of Dr. Hugh Sule's lifetime accomplishments, it's no wonder that he bought a car to match his lifestyle.

That's why he owns a Lamborghini Diablo SV. The Lamborghini has long been known as the best of the best, the leader in exotic sports autos.

"This is a magnificent piece of art. I bought this for my own personal inspiration," he says. "Other people can find inspiration in other things such as art, women, their work, and that's great. I am inspired by all of those too, and I wanted a car that would give me inspiration also."

Sule's Diablo is the ninth of 20 made in 1998 built for the United States and is called the Monterey edition. He bought it on eBay for about $200,000, shipped.

"I'm part Hungarian, so I thought it was pretty cool that I wound up buying it from a Hungarian dealer in New York," says Sule. "But I never got to drive it before I bought it. I hired a lawyer to test drive it and check it out and I bought it on his word."

Since bringing the car to Guam in September, Sule has received no shortage of comments, second glances and envious looks of admiration for his special ride. In his first week of driving it on Guam's roads, he got pulled over by police officers seven times -- but didn't get one ticket.

"They just wanted to see the car," says Sule, laughing. "GPD is cool."

That's not to say the car isn't fast, however. Its huge V-12 motor brings 500-plus horses to the wheels, making the car a terror on the track but an absolute beast on the autobahn, the unlimited-speed superhighway in Germany. Sule did bring it up to the drag strip to try his luck and still managed to clock a time in the 13s despite running with air conditioning and not speed-shifting.

"That was a thrill for me. But when they build that 2.5-mile track, that's when you'll see me over 200 mph. Until then, I'll keep the rubber on the tires."

Everything about the Lamborghini screams luxury, just as it should when the car costs more than most houses on Guam. The inside is supple leather, shiny badges and carbon fiber accents. The exterior can only be described as 100-percent Lamborghini, complete with horizontally-hinged doors, wicked lines and curves and a mere 5 1/2 inches of clearance.

It's curb weight is about 3,500 pounds, just a little too heavy to do anything too substantial in the quarter-mile. The Lamborghini has a unique wishbone suspension system, Brembo brakes and a forward trunk. Because of Sule's size, he also had the seats lowered and the clutch pedal repositioned. The work was done by C.Y. Leung of Auto Promising, which has always given him quality work, says Sule.

Future plans for the car include a DVD player and two cameras so he can see a little more than his side mirrors will let him. And even though he's gotten a couple of serious offers for the car, he's not selling.

"This is just such a sweet ride. It's like sitting on top of a powerful bull that's barely restrained," he says. "That's why I'm not getting rid of it."

Sule moved to Guam about 12 years ago and has since founded Gentle Care Dental Associates. He is also the vice-president of Dental Services Inc., promoted as making available high quality dentistry at affordable prices. Sule is also board certified in California, Hawaii, Alaska and several other western states. His hobbies include tennis, bodybuilding, exotic vehicles and cosmetic dentistry.

Sule sent out shouts to the Pacific Daily News' Jojo Santo Tomas, who drove the Lambo while Sule ate his lunch, as well as the staff at Gentle Care Dental and Dental Services Inc.

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