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I wanted to show the differences between our HT350 Gallardo Kevlar clutch and a stock clutch. Believe it or not, one our competitors is claiming that our HT350 is just like a stock clutch... unbelievable...

If you look at the pressure plate cover/lid, you'll see that a stock clutch has dimples to shave off weight in order to balance the pressure plate. It is similar to balancing a wheel/rim of your car. You add weights to balance your rims but in this case, weights are taken off. Please look at the red marking of the stock clutch.

If you look at our HT350 pressure plate's cover/lid, there isn't any dimples because our cover/lid is made out of a billet aluminum and it comes zero balanced. No need for balancing our HT350. Our pressure plate cover/lid is lighter since it's made out of billet aluminum. A billet aluminum is also stronger. A lighter clutch also contributes to a quicker shifting.

As you can see in these pictures, there are no dimples on our HT350.

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