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Body kits are inspired by the aerodynamic refinements in sedan racing. By careful sculpting of the body panels, and the addition of air dams, skirts, rear spoilers, ridges and diffusers, racers not only make their cars more aerodynamic. They also make them look very different. A body kit will transform your ride from anonymous to famous. We would like to discover few options for your Lamborghini, which can help you easily transform it into real beast.

Aero Function strives to be the best among producers of body kits in the automotive industry, and focuses on relentless improvement and development of materials along with computer-aided design systems and CNC manufacturing techniques. Read more about this brand here: Aero Function Carbon Fiber Body Kits at

AF-1 Wide Body Kit by Aero Function® Includes: Wide Body Front Bumper, Wide Body Side Skirts, Wide Body Rear Bumper, Wide Body Front Fender Flares, Wide Body Rear Fender Flares. Advanced design and construction ensures superior impact absorption and resistance to deterioration, and all parts are backed with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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