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Maybe it just me, but I'm starting to get overwhelmed by the number of subtle variations of different colors. The pics I've seen often don't do justice as the colors can vary quite significantly with the lighting or camera.

So, how about a thread with either personal impressions or side-by-side pictures of similar colors in the same picture? Here's some exterior colors I've found so far with my notes in parenthesis. If I found one listed as Tri-Coat, I included that as well.

Arancio Borealis Tri-Coat (Orange)
Arancio Ishtar
Arancio Ymir (Dark Orange)

Balloon White (Pearl White)
Bianco Monocerus (Solid White)
Bianco Sygnus

Blu Caelum Metallic (Blue-Indigo)
Blu Monterey Tri-Coat (Metallic Blue)
Blu Fontus Metallic (Deep Sea Blue)

Giallo Halys (Yellow)
Giallo Midas Tri-Coat (Yellow)
Giallo Taurus

Grigio Altair Metallic (Silver)
Grigio Antares (Titanium Metallic)
Grigio Proteus Metallic (Darker)
Grigio Telesto Metallic (Primer Gray)
Grigio Thalasso (Dark Silver)

Red Metallics
Rosso Leto
Rosso Metis
Rosso Vik
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