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EVO to 488 GTB?

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I'm starting to get bored with the EVO. I love the car but after a couple Huracan cars I am getting the itch to try the Ferrari marque. I have done the McLaren thing already.

Anyone on here have a 488 and EVO or willing to provide any first hand experience why I should stick with what I got or make the leap? I've read all the pertinent posts I could find on here and other forums. I've also poured over the various reviews of the cars.

Thanks a head of time.
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I get the Fcar curiousity as I too let it get the best of me. Why not experience various perspectives of supercar ownership?

For me, it was a 458, and it only lasted a few months, but I think I now understand why owners don't put many miles on the car. Sounded fine, I loved the smooth sleek design, and the interior blows away Lambos (by a significant margin).

So smooth, like a Lexus. WAY too much like a Lexus. Quick, sure, but there are much quicker things if that's what you're after. I let my girlfriend drive her, her father, and even her mom. Sooo smooth. At low speeds, high speeds, handling. Smooth, smooth, smooth. I hate smooth.

Why not experience it for yourself? Absolutely. I suspect you'll be back. If this was going to be a change that I would have to live with for more than a few months, absolutely NOT. Good news is it should maintain its value unless you dump thousands of miles on it, because no one drives them.

Edit... and bored with the EVO? I can't think of any additional excitement that the 488 would add. Smooth
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