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EVO to 488 GTB?

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I'm starting to get bored with the EVO. I love the car but after a couple Huracan cars I am getting the itch to try the Ferrari marque. I have done the McLaren thing already.

Anyone on here have a 488 and EVO or willing to provide any first hand experience why I should stick with what I got or make the leap? I've read all the pertinent posts I could find on here and other forums. I've also poured over the various reviews of the cars.

Thanks a head of time.
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All the negative stuff aside, a metallic rossa corsa 488 with some nice carbon is a beautiful thing. Much nicer in real than the pictures or videos.

Just noticed the prices for 488 GTB has significantly dropped, to about 170k EUR. Spider around 200k and holding better.

also noticed there are 70 F8s on sale on and same number of 488 coupes. I didn't think there would be so many F8s on the market in such a short time.
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