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EVO to 488 GTB?

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I'm starting to get bored with the EVO. I love the car but after a couple Huracan cars I am getting the itch to try the Ferrari marque. I have done the McLaren thing already.

Anyone on here have a 488 and EVO or willing to provide any first hand experience why I should stick with what I got or make the leap? I've read all the pertinent posts I could find on here and other forums. I've also poured over the various reviews of the cars.

Thanks a head of time.
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I remember when I placed an order for my 488, it was a 2+ year waitlist but now you can basically buy any Ferrari and you don't need to be a previous owner. Ferrari is almost mass producing their cars now so it doesn't surprise me there's so many F8's. Take a look at the Pista, they built a ton of them. Ferrari will continue to increase production to keep investors happy.

And it's not just Ferrari, take a look at Mclaren who come out with a new models every month and an ultra limited model every 3 months. I feel sorry for the customers who got duped into buying the 765LT because there's going to be 765 spyders and probably a 100 special edition 765LT's. So much for limited production.
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