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Hello all,

Just picked a Lp560 2008 a few weeks back. 3 days after getting it with 16k miles the EPC lights come on only when I'm stopped or slowing down. They warning lights put the car in limp mode. If I pull over and shut the car down the errors clear. I've plugged a OBD reader and have not received any codes to look up. says all is fine.

Finally took the car to London Lambo. They have been at it and can only come the the conclusion that the high fuel pressure sensor pump needs to be replaced but not 100% if that will make it go away.

When the car does get the warning lights it will dip just under idle at 900rpm for one sec and the light pops up. almost like a drop in pressure for a second. I have tubi exhaust as well.

Any suggestions? I've read some threads and notice similar problems but nothing like mine. thought it might be the throttle body but service said nothing about it.

thanks in advance!!
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