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What do die hard Ferrari lovers think abou the Enzo.

I like Ferraris too but the Enzo doesn’t have that true Ferrari look. I hear most talk about performance but the looks have nothing to do with the “heritage” of Ferrari.

Any opinions?
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Some cool Enzo Pics
I find it to be one of the ugliest supercars ever made. The whole F1 theme just doesnt go over well. Im not too fond of the rims either.
No offense people but I think its one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made. If I could have been one of the lucky ones to get one of these cars when they were selecting there customers, I would have taken one in a heartbeat.
evivo said:
No offense people but I think its one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made. If I could have been one of the lucky ones to get one of these cars when they were selecting there customers, I would have taken one in a heartbeat.

I don't think it's ugly. But Roy, you need to get you eyes checked, if think the Enzo is the most beautiful Ferrari. I think your glasses need to be replaced. Gman back me up here. :)
Its not bad but it doesnt look Ferrari.
sk90077 said:
Any opinions?
Gorgeous...purposeful & gorgeous.
It's not an automobile; it's a fighter jet on wheels! This gray one makes that theme very obvious. If there were no air intake portholes required in this body - it would look like any other car - almost. Those huge vents are functional but they are shaped and styled to look like there are turbines somewhere inside.

I assume Ferrari's goal was to make it look faster and more assertive than any other vehicle on the road. Wedged and sharpened like an arrow, it shares style from the F1 bodies but shows more finesse. It looks like something a rich guy would want to drive on the open road or park at the best spot in front of the Plaza Hotel because nothing else could ever look this fast.
If that thing said "Lamborghini" on its rear deck you lambo guys would be peeing your paints with excitment, me thinks!
Not for me.
The soul of the car along with the other factors make a car.
The Enzo is a great, great car. I actually I do like the color.The Enzo has always to me look sterile,but it is hard to describe .It does kind of grow on you and definately looks much better in person.I still think Merci looks better when parked side by side with each other(call me crazy).

p.s wish I was in San Diego now with you guys. Hope everyone is having a good time!
Guys, i really hate that car. I've seen it 3 times (2 red and 1 black) and i still hate it. The front is quite OK, but the back is so damn ugly. The lines are not good at all to my opinion. + The car is way to expensive compared to other supercars, that perform even better (like the koenigseggs).
What do you mean by the Koeinsegg being better?

The Enzo is a amazing car; it's breakes and steering. It's super fast and can run on the track better than a lot of other supercars (I'm assuming not the McLaren F1). It's also got a bit of practicality in it, like air-conditioning, power-steering, power brakes, traction control, and other features; the McLaren F1 had none-of these features, nor did it have the launch control system the Enzo uses to help reduce tire-spinage at launch. The Enzo is also quite large, so all of these features and size add weight; power-to-weight ratio is important in top-speed so maybe this is why it didn't achieve the top-end record or a close time to the 0-to-200mph record.

The styling is aimed towards down force and air-management; it's very F1 like and Ferrari did this on purpose. Does it look good? It's all objective, but lets pleas not just judge a car by it's look, it's not nice :p.

In my opinion, it's very striking/dramatic, purposeful looking (witch I like). It's not the best looking Ferrari, for I would choose the 288 GTO. Other super cars sure look better to me, and that includes the Murcielago for example ;)

Now that I think of it, the grey color does give it a fighter-jet perspective whb :D
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The Dino has the best lines for a Ferrari. I wanted a GT (coupeversion) very bad but thought if I'm spending the money it has to be a big motor...not a 6cyl. When I think Ferrai, I think curvaous.
I'm with evivo, I think the enzo is amazing. By far my favortie ferrari. The enzo is the only exotic that would make me get rid of my roadster that includes other lambos.

I not a fan of the looks but I know its a great performer.
I just always hear about Ferraris “heritage” and past but no one seems to bring it up for this cars looks.
I guess because it’s the F1 inspired looks everyone is talking about.
My favourite ferrari is the F50. Definately not about his performance, but its just a great looking car, way better looking than the Enzo
I like the F50 too. Looks awesome
I like it but their door envy is soooo apparent. Poor Enzo is rolling over in his grave because they put Ferruccio's damn tractor doors on it! :eek:
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