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Egear pump and accumulator with doors open

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My 2006 Murcie is at local dealer for service, unfortunately the part is still on order after 3 months. I noticed that my car has been on a lift with a battery tender hooked up and the doors left open the entire time (door light is on indicating battery is not switched off). My concern is that the Egear pump would have been triggered by the doors being open every time the accumulator pressure dropped, how long would it take for the pressure to drop enough to re-trigger the pump, is it possible that my pump has been triggered hundreds or thousands of times over the last 3 months even though the car did not move? If so how much life was removed from the pump? I need to know if the pump would have been triggered during this time?
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Great question, though I recall having my doors up for a while in the shop for a couple of hours and only heard it come on once when I first opened the door. Usually though I shut off the power if I am at a show for instance. Others can chime in.
The control is the same on Murci and Gallardo, even though the systems are different. Without the key in the “on” position, it only triggers when the driver door is opened, and doesn’t keep pumping unless the key is on or the door is closed and opened.

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