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ECT Kevlar Murcielago Clutch Assembly -- 2005 E-gear

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We had the opportunity to work with Knoxville Performance and Dyno on a 2005 Murcielago E-gear clutch swap. This car is using our ECT Kevlar assembly with proprietary segmented Kevlar clutch disc. They went ahead and picked up a throw out bearing and related parts as well. On the Murci/Gallardo, the throw out bearing and hydraulic slave cylinder are all one unit, so it's definitely something I recommend changing while already in there.
Our ECT Kevlar Murcielago assembly is built from a brand new OEM Lamborghini pressure plate, new Kevlar disc and fresh flywheel. Interestingly enough, the 04-08 Gallardo used to account for ~90% of our clutch builds, but within the last year and a half or so, we have been doing a ton of Murcielago clutch accounting for nearly 50% of total builds.
Starting to package everything up to ship out last week:

Our clutch assemblies come with detailed break-in instructions as well as labeling of disc sides as it's not bi-directional on the Murcielago. You will find a "flywheel side" label on our assemblies to differentiate since the splined hub actually protrudes farther from one side than the other. A close eye would catch that it wasn't quite sitting flat, but we label it just to avoid any potential issues there.

The car after just arriving to Knox the beginning stages of being disassembled:

We will be adding pictures this coming week as the clutch swap progresses with the engine/trans removal and reinstallation, etc. So, definitely stay tuned for that.
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