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ECT Clutch Info
Is the clutch built from a core or a new assembly?
Our standard pricing is us building the unit from a core. We DO also build them from new, but we find the best value is building from the core. Contact us for special pricing either way.

**If we start the build from a new assembly, we pull a new unit off the shelf, open it up, and start the build. It is built from all new OEM parts that are in the Lamborghini packaging and with the Lamborghini security tape. I point that out as we have seen competitors charging for clutch assemblies that they state are "new" but are just built from a used core and spray painted over. Obvious, building a unit from a used core is totally fine, it just shouldn't be misrepresented as a new unit and then charged to the customer as if that is what they are receiving. You won't be receiving a remanufactured unit with obvious wear markings that was simply spray painted and passed off as "new". Our new builds are from just that, brand new out of the package OEM Lamborghini products with the receipts, paperwork, and packaging to prove it. If you are talking to a company that won't be providing these things, or has excuses for why they won't be produced, it's likely because they are charging for a new build but really building from a core. Sadly, it's happening a lot, even on eBay. **

As for the process of our build, if we start your build from a new OEM clutch, we are going to remove the new clutch material and to install our own. We are going to disassemble the new pressure plate, and build it to our specs. We are going to take the new flywheel and put our finish on it. We are then going to take the entire assembly and rebalance it. So, what goes into building an ECT assembly from a core? To build one from a core, we will take the used clutch material and remove it...then install our own new material. We are going to disassemble the used pressure plate and re-build to our spec, and we are going to take the flywheel and resurface it to put our finish on it. Lastly, we rebalance the assembly. Sound familiar? I've seen others post when comparing a rebuilt clutch that only the discs are changed and you have this old worn flywheel and pressure plate. Maybe that's how they do it, and why nobody would use their core, but at ECT, everything is gone through as outlined above. For this reason, the better value is starting the build from a core, but we can and will build whichever the customer prefers.

Everything that makes the new one, well "new" has been undone and changed and the exact same process that is done to it is done to the core. So, both versions are just as "new" in the final stage. Because of the way we build the pressure plate, a new or core build will have the same clamping force and thanks to the hydraulic slave cylinder will have the same pedal effort for the given clamping force. This is important and worth remembering because I ALWAYS deal with certain members telling potential customers the car will have absurd pedal pressure on a rebuilt pressure plate which is absolutely not true. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s rebuilt and would “feel” just like a new one, especially with the slave cylinder Gallardo’s have. There are customers who can attest to this firsthand including very experienced exotic car rental companies with e-gear cars down to end users with 6 speed manuals. We will refer any potential customer to them to get an idea on how our clutches act and how the customer service was--if one is interested in real world feedback.

Does ECT offer anything other than the traditional Kevlar clutch the others offer?
Yes! We also offer the ECT Dual Friction™ assembly. We challenge ourselves to continually innovate instead of just making the same thing over and over for years to come. As material science develops, so will our products. The dual friction assembly uses a combination of Kevlar and ceramic discs. They will gain all the benefits of ceramic without all the harshness and other cons. So, they will last even more mileage than the traditional Kevlar assembly while also withstanding even more hp/tq. We designed them originally just for withstanding the sloppy PIS (point of initial slippage) settings found in the 02-06 360 Ferrari F1 (their version of e-gear) as well as the early e-gear Lamborghini’s. The standard Kevlar assembly has the obvious benefit of lasting 200-300% longer than stock while also withstanding more abuse and having a higher hp/tq . The dual friction Kevlar/Ceramic assembly will hold even more hp/tq while also being less worn in a performance environment and less “bothered” by particular driving environments and circumstances that would generally wear an OEM or standard Kevlar assembly (by us or competitors) faster than need be.

Does ECT need my original clutch assembly as a core to qualify for the advertised price?
NO! The price you are given is the price that you pay. You do NOT need to send back the assembly once removed to get a credit in order to get the “advertised” price.

What is the break-in procedure of an ECT clutch?
The car should be driven 300-400 miles with no more than 50% throttle and 4,000 rpm or less. This will give all parts of the assembly a time to properly seat. It is important to adhere to this as to not hotspot the flywheel during break in which can cause a chattery engagement as opposed to the stock type engagement our clutches are known to have.

How is the driveability of an ECT Kevlar or Dual Friction Assembly?
After a proper break-in, it will drive like stock. The only difference is, it will still have plenty of life left thousands of miles later—making for an exotic that’s more enjoyable and has a more reasonable maintenance cost. For E-gear Gallardo's, I definitely recommend the use of our ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assembly as the multi-puck Ceramic disc used for engaging has become known in the industry for far smoother engagement and performing better than Kevlar assemblies when coupled with the e-gear system.

**All assemblies are complete with the clutch discs, pressure plate, and flywheel. They are balanced and ready for a direct plug-n-play assembly over stock**

Contact us for any custom build inquiries, general questions, or about pricing for building a clutch from new (we'll beat any competitor's price).
You can check out our current projects at our facebook page at

A video of the latest project we had the opportunity to get involved with:
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