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If you're not familiar with the Falcon F7, it's this car:

We have a customer that contacted us looking for something to handle his needs on a unique application, a Falcon F7 exotic supercar. So, we jumped at the opportunity. We are extremely excited to be involved in such a cool project, and are actually angling to get involved directly with them for future builds, so we'll see how that unfolds. We built an ECT Dual Friction assembly for it using our proprietary multi-puck ceramic disc coupled to a Kevlar disc and secured with hand made hardware. It should be more than up to the task. This car uses a 620 HP ls based V8 with a Gallardo 6spd manual gearbox.
I snapped a picture as this one was on its way out the door.

I'll follow up in this thread as the customers car build progresses. I'm also going to be making a couple new threads, including one on the twin turbo Gallardo we just did an ECT Dual Friction clutch for as well as a couple other projects including a 360 Ferrari, a 512 Ferrari, some work with Dupont Registry and more. So, stay tuned! :)
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