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Hey team,

I couldn't find a specific answer by googling so thought I'd start a thread. The car is a 2007 LP640 e-gear and has been working well.

This afternoon the e-gear warning light came on and it wouldn't shift up gears until 4,000rpm or higher. The error seemed to clear itself when stopped and shut down for a few mins, but came back after about 15mins of normal driving and then only cleared when stopped. Once moving away again it would come back.

Also when the e-gear light is on, the downshifts do not blip. I found this out on the first down change with the error light on so instead just went to neutral on slowing down to a stop, which got around the issue.

Car moves away from stationary fine and reverse works as normal - I got it home and into the garage with no issues - so I don't think clutch, e-gear fluid or accumulator pressure is a problem at all.

Any ideas?

I think you have a problem with the E-gear even when you look and it seems ok. I'll take the car to the dealer and get a diagnose and an estimate for the replacement. When you have a diagnose you can call GTE Engineering and ask how much is to rebuild the unit.
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