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E gear issue after cleaning microswitches

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Hoping this is an easy fix rather than I need a LARA laptop.

I took off the steering wheel as I wanted access to clean the micro-switches, as I'd been having an intermittent fault with the downshift paddle.

I unplugged each micro-switch, cleaned them and then reinstalled. After I put everything back together and connected battery i started it up.

The paddles were not responsive. Car stayed in neutral.

Triangle with circle arrow lit up on display. (ESC Issue)

Hold both paddles and wait - E gear error pictures shows in red.

I was able to shift into Reverse, but now I can't get it out of reverse.

Did I screw it up by unplugging the microswitches and it now thinks I replaced the entire Selespeed module ? Therefore I need a LARA computer ? The closest dealer is an enclosed car hauler away !