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E gear issue after cleaning microswitches

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Hoping this is an easy fix rather than I need a LARA laptop.

I took off the steering wheel as I wanted access to clean the micro-switches, as I'd been having an intermittent fault with the downshift paddle.

I unplugged each micro-switch, cleaned them and then reinstalled. After I put everything back together and connected battery i started it up.

The paddles were not responsive. Car stayed in neutral.

Triangle with circle arrow lit up on display. (ESC Issue)

Hold both paddles and wait - E gear error pictures shows in red.

I was able to shift into Reverse, but now I can't get it out of reverse.

Did I screw it up by unplugging the microswitches and it now thinks I replaced the entire Selespeed module ? Therefore I need a LARA computer ? The closest dealer is an enclosed car hauler away !
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Few updates.

The ESC light went away after a drive.

The car will drive in Automatic mode and go into reverse.

After a short drive around I turned off the car and key back on, 1-6 came up on the display. but sadly paddles not responsive and holding them into neutral gave the red e-gear symbol again.

I don't see how the car would know I disconnected the paddles when the battery was disconnected. I also noticed that both my Key Fobs no longer Lock/Unlock the car, but they both start it.

Anyone have ideas ?

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Any time you disconnect the battery you will get the yellow ESC triangle on the dash temporarily, as well as lose your key fob sync, totally normal. Glad to hear you solved the issue with your microswitch!
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