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E Gear Flashing N

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I have a Murciélago LP 650-4 and this is the second time it’s happened within 150 miles that N keeps flashing and won’t go into any gear. Car starts. The dealer fixed it in March of this year they said the had to replace a potentiometer by removing the engine. It worked for about 150 miles now it’s doing it again. The last time they had the car for almost 5 months. Does anyone know what the real problem could be.
Seems the dealer cannot figure it out as well.
Thank you
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I'm not sure if it's the same on the Murcielago as it is on the Gallardo as it happened to me once on my 2008 Super G. I had the N flashing and it wouldn't go into gear. The root cause of it was the actuator / e-gear pump going bad. Might be smart to see if there is any air in the lines as it can cause an issue like you are experiencing or check to see if that pump is on its way out.
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