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Don't RACE with these wheels

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Does anyone have experience with taking apart a Diablo wheel? :confused:

The bolts that hold on the two pieces should all be the same size. The holes on the two pieces are 6mm in dia, and the bolt without thread should fit snug, about 5.990. What I found after taking apart 8 wheels, is that on one set of four, 40 out of 140 were 5.00mm. And, on the other set, 46 were also undersized. The part numbers are different, but the thread size is the same. The shank is undersized. I think they got mixed up by mistake in assembly at the factory. The two sets were from a 91. I'm taking apart a 92 & 97 set in a few weeks. I'm am very interested in what I may find.

I don't want to sound an alarm, but it seems to me that this could be dangerous. You wouldn't want to be racing with this condition.

Facts: Sizes should be the same. No pattern with regard to staggering of bolts to offset the air stem and any other unbalanced parts. Each wheel with many undersized bolts needed more weights to balance the wheel. Wheels with 12 - 17 undersized needed 5oz of weights, another with 4 - 8 undersized needed only 2oz.

Any comments?

I am in contact with the factory. I will let you know.
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I finally received an e-mail from OZ in Italy.

They said that the difference in bolt sizes does not cause a safety risk. They don't usually put different bolts in one wheel, but they said it is not unusual when inventory is low. However, they did admit that it would effect the balance of the wheel if not placed properly into the wheel.

They will allow me to dissssemble the wheels to polish them. Then I will ship all three pieces to OZ in Florida. And, for $75 each wheel, they will replace all the bolts, assemble, seal, and test each. This is a great price!
I currently have a 3 piece OZ wheel for my Diablo that is in pieces after being re-chromed. Could you provide me with the contact information for the OZ shop that put your wheel back together?

Dave Heacock
O.Z. America Inc

1425 NW 82nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126
United States

Phone: 305-594-1882
Toll Free: 888-OZRACING
Fax: 305-592-5186

At first they wouldn't do the repairs for me. I had OZ in Italy call them to do it. The charge wasn't bad, however they didn't pack them properly and were damaged in shipping. They also assembled them improperly. They put the stem in a spot that you couldn't put air in the tire. I had to send two back to rework. I'd go to another it.

OZ changed all the bolts on all four wheels. They gave me back the old rusted ones. I canned most of them. I may have a few left. How many do you need? OZ will not sell individual bolts, JRV was correct. I had to have Evans make the tool. I still have it.

Good Luck


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