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Doing a major update/overhaul of a very neglected 72 espada.

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Hey all. Poor girl got left a long time to stew. She had so many wiring issues i pulled it all out (most of it was out anyway when i received it). I need help with dimmer/horn wiring... I believe my switch is bad as im trying to ohm it to figure out what leads do what... Anyone happen to have a clue what wires do what? I need a simple pin-out of the plug. I.e. blue wire goes to low beams... Etc... If anyone is interested im updating to a vintage air ac but made the console look original. also done a electronic ignition and started to convert brakes to electric boost.
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Hi Loanerbike Mike
This guy on eBay has a drawing and claims to have been a tech who trained US Lamborghini mechanics back in the 70's. It has the wiring all laid out for the entire car but is missing the descriptions for the connected components. You should be able to figure that out tho!

Good luck!
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