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Does anyone know the color code or name for the black plastic vents and spoiler?

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Hi Guys, I'm thinking of putting a spoiler on my 2016 AV LP 700-4 roadster - don't worry, I'm fully aware of the vents under the present spoiler that won't be able to rise and I hope to "beat" this problem by using a set of SV or SVJ side air vents to replace the ones that only go up whilst driving, when the motor gets hot at present.

Anyhow, because the direct swap OEM plastic spoiler and vents from an SV or SVJ are sooooooo expensive, I was thinking of getting some "cheaper" carbon fiber ones that are on, say, EBay and painting them in the exact color black the the original ones are - SO does anyone know this (mat?) black color name or it's color code?

If you think my idea is a dud, please let me know - I can take it!

Thanks guys in advance- Ed Burton (Australia)
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That’s an interesting question, I wondered the same thing but it might not even have a color code.
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