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Does anybody know where this car is?

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I'm looking for this car. It is an 1980 LP400S, serial #1121116. It was located in Baltimore, Maryland until about 3 yrs ago. It was then in Cleveland, Ohio. It may have been sold 2 1/2 yrs ago to someone in Oregon. It also may have gone through a restoration since then. If you know where this car is or who owns it, please reply or PM me.

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Have you tried asking some of the repair folks about this car? Evans, Exoticars etc? After our conversation yesterday, I imagine you have tried this, but just in case.....

Also, what's up with that whacked looking exhaust on the red car?

Yea, I spoke with George yesterday and today. He gave me the number to the owner in Cleveland. The Cleveland owner is the one who told me he sold it to someone in Oregon. I did not ask him for the new owners name and number because he told me he wanted the car back and had the first right of purchase. I know this is not true since someone else owns the car outright. Its not like it was leased. But it was clear that he wasn't going to help me find it.
Are you are talking about the 74 Twin Turbo Countach when you ask about the exhaust? If you are, then I will explain with what I know. The exhaust pipes are actually the mufflers, Super Traps to be exact. These had to be used for packaging reasons since the turbo setup takes up all of the room where the muffler would normally be.
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