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I bought a 2005 Gallardo Gated 6 that came from Texas to Michigan. So the first thing I noticed was the car had no heat at all. Just blew (stinky) cold air only. Its 40 Degrees here now and I was freezing on the way home the other night. I bought a heater control valve (Four Seasons Heater Control Valve 74010 ) and threw it up on the hoist. I removed the tunnel and found this muffler clamp on one of the coolant lines that run up to the front heat exchanger.

This apparently cuts off all hot coolant flow up front. So if you live in a hot climate and are getting heat out of a random vent (because of a failing control valve).... this could fix it until you want to change the entire valve system. haha. A bit janky... but it seemed to work just fine in hot summer.

I now have changed the heater control valve and flushed the entire coolant system as mine had Green coolant in it. Can someone now recommend a good coolant for the Gallardo that I can find in the US? I would like to be able to purchase it at my local Autoparts dealer. (Pink, Blue, Voilet?)

Thanks for any advice.

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