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Admins please move this to the right place.

Ive recently went through the trouble of replacing my broken Gallardo key swivel.

Credit to this gent for pointing me in the right direction:

Post above definitely worth a read.

Ill keep this as short and simple as possible. If something needs editing or is confusing PM me and tell me what to edit.

Ordering a key from lamborghini is between 4-6weeks here in Chicago. I dont have time to be waiting for the key especially when its close to winter here. I want to enjoy driving my G.

Watch these two videos:

After watching those two videos, you get the idea of what you want to do.

1) Split your gallardo key
2) Do not take the bottom portion apart. (where the battery is located) or you will have to program the key:
IMPORTANT 3) Neither video confirms that the Lamborghini Gallardo top portion of the key has a screw holding the top and bottom together. YOU HAVE TO TAKE OFF THE LAMBO LOGO to get to the screw. Use a razor to pry at one edge until it comes loose. Getting a dental pick would be ideal, but unrealistic.
4) Once you take off your logo the screw is visible.
5) Take screw out, make sure your key is in open position so your swivel items dont fly across the room.
6) Watch the videos above to see how to put back your swivel and wind up your flip spring.
7) Watch video how to take out and put back your blade. Having a metal vice will help. The video shows that is very easy to take the PIN out. For me since my key was original and old. It was very difficult to take out. I really had to slam the hammer on it.
8) Putting the pin back in was also very difficult for me. My father helped me. I would hold the pin with needle nose pliers while he would take the pin in. At the end if your pin is still sticking out and your hammer cant get it in all the way. Close your needle nose pliers and set them on top of the pin then hit it with the hammer.
9) When you have your pin in your good to go!

Buy a used flip key on ebay ($18) or brand new on amazon ($6)

I first purchased a new key. When it arrived, the portion where you slide the blade back in (the swivel) was too narrow by less then 1mm. I thought I would file down the key a little to make it fit. But decided to get a used 1999-2009 vw/audi flip key. Why i chose to do that is because the key blade is the exact same and wont be a Chinese part.

I thought I would share this for people that do not have time to wait 5 weeks. Also you save nearly $500 not buying a new key.



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