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This is the factory Lamborghini diagnostic software and repair information which is used by dealerships. This information provides the OE wiring diagrams, repair labor times, programming ... Everything a Lamborghini enthusiast, repair shop, or automotive dealership could ever ask for. Purchased from as shown in the photos. Requires annual from BullStuff. More than $20,000 of value for just $9,995.

Comes with everything just as sold by ... the DVD sets, the License Key, every cable ... many of which are new in the wrapper. If you enjoy spending time maintaining and repairing your Lamborghini you could benefit abundantly from detailed repair & replacement procedures including torque specifications.

Have an automotive repair facility or independent automotive dealership and you buy and resell Lamborghinis, or clients bring their Lamborghini to your growing repair shop? This is the cream of the crop... the best of the best... OE Lamborghini.

$20,000 VALUE for only $9,995
Have many more photos.
424-324-8500 is best to text.

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