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Diablo prices in coming years

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just wondering if you guys think the prices for Diablos in, let's say 5-7 years, will go up or down? I'm specifically interested in anything '99 and after, since I prefer the exposed headlights. preferably a 6.0.
thanks in advance
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I'm sure you will get as many opinions as posts... :rolleyes:

My Ouija board suggests that it will still be a year or so before they level off and then the good ones and the not so good ones will start to differentiate themselves in price more so than they do now. And by good ones I'm talking about individual cars AND good year models.

But then again the lack of Diablos for sale right now seems kinda weird...

They're no different than any other car....DOWN.
well zapper, a 99 model will still be about 100K after 5 years. will u have 100K in 2009?
if everything goes well I should have that much and enough to maintain the car by then.
I know some about the market but you guys have more experience and insight.
It's kinda hard to say exactly what figure it will drop to in 5 to 7 years time, it varis on a lot of factors.

eg, in AUS, a 99 diablo at 2002 was around 280 to 320 thousand dollars depending on models and since the goverment re-introduce new legislations in late 2003 and no one has the rights to bring in used lamborghinis, and the price has pushed up $40 to $50k for the same car.

for the states i don't think a 99 or above diablo will fall under $130K in 5 years, but somethings you just never know.
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