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Diablo GT Suite Case

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Does anyone know where I can get one and how much they are?
Its the CF one that comes with the Diablo GT
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Oh man that's a tall order!!!! They were so expensive that almost no one bought them because L was going thru somewhat of a down period. I'll make some phone calls and see what I can come up with!
Thanks JR. I hope its not $1000
sk90077 said:
Thanks JR. I hope its not $1000
SK, they were someting silly like $4K or $6K in the days......which is why no one bought them...:)

Lambo has really only been back on the map in world opinion desirability and must have status for a year....I think in 96 they sold less than 200

U'll tell you my opiion though, the collectability is up up and going far higher in the future, so at least at this point in time the Collectability Factor is on a serious upswing.
sk90077 said:
$6K OKAY!!
What am I going to put in there?
SK, I don't know what the spin was, I wasn't selling them!!! :)

How bout, "women will be more attracted to you if you have one of these". or how bout "Sir, all of our other Lambo Clients have one and think they are a Deal"....feel free to think up better spins that you think might work !!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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