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Diablo GT Pics

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Nice. Thanks for sharing.

This one is in the US.
I think I saw a blue one at Platinum in BH over the weekend. Anone know about it?
i saw a beautiful orange one at the factory last week parked next to a murci.
It makes the murci look tame in comparison.I was told there are about 5 to 10 cars brought into the USA.I don't know how they are bringing them in but if i could get one into Canada i would buy one in a second.
The only way right now is to bring it in as a show or race car which means you can only drive it with dealer plates.Real shame
Last year, Platinum OC was modifying a 6.0 to look like a GT. They were replacing the fenders, hood, bumper, etc. If I remember correctly, Grant also told me that they were disconnecting the front drive shaft and making the 6.0 a rwd car. I wonder if this blue one you saw was that car?
I will check it out on Sat and let you guys know.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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