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Diablo Fog lights

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There is a kit to make the fog lights operable on the Diablo. If anyone would like them please PM. It goes for around $20
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Diablo 6.0 Fog Lights


i have 6.0 diablo, and would like to have the fog lites operable. please advise where and how to buy the kit. is the installation difficult?
thank you
bill gidden
[email protected]
Catfish, on your 6.0, just put the fuse in for the fog light spot and yours will work.

For info this is done becuase most DOT in the US does not allow more than 4 white lights to the front at one time operating. They consider the headlights one set, the fog another set and the running another set for a total of 6.

Your fog lights, like most US cars, will not automaticaly turn off on highbeam use, be carefulll, if a cop wanted to a could be a real d----and right you for the violation. :wave:
Fog lights problem with 2001 6.0

Hi! I'm new to the site and read the thread about the fog lights. I also tried to put the fuse into car to get the fog lights working but they didn't go on. Maybe I have the wrong fuse? Which one do I use? Is there anything else disconnected that is keeping the lights from working?
you need to make a jumper in location R7, it is described in the thread:
Fog lights problem with 2001 6.0

Today I went to the dealer and bought the fog light car kit for $20.00. I installed the kit which consists of a fuse, jumper and relay. Still no lights working..Anyone else have ideas here?
Why are you replying to his question after 5 years?
I think it is just on the wiring that causes the problems.
You think wrong. The posts are all acurate.

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