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chrislai said:
This was my old post in the mod. column yet to receive any response.

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2004 - 02:55 am:

Hi there, I have a 97 SV without rear cats. I am sure some one out there must have removed the heavy muffer (that huge rectangular box )with some sort of replacement trying to trim dowm some weight off the rear and at the same time improve the performance a bit. I have once tried to replace it with some sort of light weight coiled pipe but it generated noise that was unbearable to me and my neighbour. Any advices and suggestions to me along this topic? ( Look exactly the same as the Larini product, butcharge me less than half of the price)

By the way, the specs of every Diablo comes different even if they are produced in the same year. Mine got an engine no.series 132 SE with vario timing management system which my technician said its output should reach 530hp just like the late 1998 model.

Can anyone help?
Your SV might be a late model 97. Your car could very well be the variable valve engine with 530hp. Do you have the bigger brakes w/ ABS as well?
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