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Diablo clutch replacement costs?

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Quick question. Is Valeo the stock replacement clutch for all year Diablos (including 2001 6.0L)? Meaning that if I order a replacement clutch from the Lamborghini dealer will it be a Valeo clutch or a Lamborghini branded clutch?
The reason I ask is that I have seen the Valeo ones on Ebay for just over $1k whereas dealers are quoting me something like $3k+. That seems like a huge markup. Also, has anyone DEFINITIVELY confirmed that the Ferrari 550 clutch is the same as the Diablo one? I think this is even cheaper. Just curious. I don't need a clutch yet, but it would be nice to have one waiting for when I do need one.
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the Valeo's were simply an early production version, maybe Lambo was trying to leverage a better price from F&S/B&B ? Lambo cut an "exclusive" supply deal whereby they (Lambo) controlled ALL supply & price. My guess would be the time limit for Valeo has expired and they can now sell at whatever they determine rather than Lambo.

Yes the 550 IS the same!

From any supplier, dealer or not the wholesale price on a complete F&S Clutch is $3K or kidding!
Sachs made the Diablo clutches from 91-95 after that is was Valeo.
From what I've heard, the 550 clutch (which is the same as Diablo) costs somewhere around $800 wholesale. No need to pay $3K for a Diablo clutch.
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