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If you're not one of the 13,000+ followers on social media, then you may have missed this so I'm posting it here as well. The flash loaders we have featured as one of our ads in duPont Registry are 30% off TODAY ONLY for cyber Monday. This is for all orders reserved by midnight PST at [email protected]. The Gallardo, Murcie, and Aventador units are in stock and ready to ship!
Here is a shot from making the ad with the basic details:

1) Self-contained OBD2 Flash device that can be installed by the end user in minutes -- no shipping off the computer of your exotic car and waiting

2) Dealer undetectable software that will negate any warranty type of concerns especially on the supercars

3) Lifted or removed speed limiter

4) Safe guarded intelligent calibration that maintains calibration strategy within a predefined operating AFR to ensure engine safety and logevity

5) ISO9001 and TUV approval and certification behind all products

On E-gear/F1 cars that order the shift file

1) Modified shift timing to increase shift speed

2) Increased torque limits for the gearbox to allow full torque request from the ECU side

3) Increased throttle response

4) Most factory cars will back off the throttle as the car moves to redline (controlled by the gearbox), but with the flash loader file, the car will actually maintain 100% throttle position all the way to redline which makes a smoother transfer of power from gear to gear

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