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Current (2020-21) Update on Bentley Gold Coast • Joe Abbas? • Would you buy a used Lambo from them?

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Before posting this thread, I did a lot of searching on the forum. Lots of negative reviews but on the other hand most were 6-12 years old and many were around their financial issues in 2009.

So what's new? Joe Abbas responds to inquiries and Joseph Perillo's name is on the license plate in all the listing photos.

Does anyone have fresh info on this dealership or principals? Anyone been burned lately?

Thanks everyone!
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Hoping the best for my situation ,just bought a 2019 huracan lp580-2 with 1 owner that bought the car originally from them and 1250 miles , still under factory warranty. $208k before taxes.... and then I came here and found all this negative information regarding this dealer....... the transaction was good until the finance guy insisted I fill out a ”bmw” titled credit application with all my social and other info, I pushed back hard and was told it’s just to check that they can sell me the car and I’m not on a terror watch list. I told him I paid for the car in full with a cashiers check, this is not making any sense at all. When I told him I would like my check back and I was ready to walk they said never mind we don’t need it... and said we are good to go deal is finished....very strange.

got the car home after a nice 2.5 hour drive and the manual given to me is for a 2020 EVO , also the car states it has 3 keys programmed , I only received two. Anyone know if this is normal? Awaiting for sales rep to find me the proper manual monday... I am very uneasy now and wonder if something is shady with the car, any specifics I should check out?
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