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Why do so many threads get lost on this list???

So, we had a good start on this one...and just need the early Countach S measurments==========

I'm doing a little research here and need some help.

Glen's website lists Countach S #1121312 as the first car with a raised roofline (this info is also in the Peter Dron "Countach" book). I'm trying to get some numbers together to figure out why an earlier S looks so different BESIDES THE LOWER SHOCK POSITION. We've already determined that the shocks are shorter and the ride is lower...but IS the body different?

We need the following measurments from a 500 or 5000 S/Quatrovavole, a Countach S (series 2) later than 1121312 and a Countach S (series 1) earlier than #1121112-

Top of door to bottom of door at the widest point
top of sill to bottom of the rocker panel
headliner to lowest seat point
headliner to floor pan

These are straight verticle measurments.

Also the following info:

Besides the lack of crashbars in pre 1121312 doors, is there any other additional bracing or chassis additions?
Is there ANY magnesium in ANY of these cars besides engine components and the early Bravo wheels?
Was the LP500 the only car to get the Elektron components?

I have sent thiis email to some factory folks and Dallara....maybe we'll get lucky with some hard data.

Also, from Dallara's website is enclosed a shot of his Miura in front of the building!

David Kean
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