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Countach Owners : How much money do you spend on your car every month?

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Hello all! :D This is my first post. I'm just an enthusiast and I'm curious to know roughly how much money you guys spend on your Countach every month like maybe for maintenance and other things.

And also how reliable is a Countach? I heard something about how they need constant care.

Many thanks before hand!
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Your statement is so dam right and truthful. My countach went through the whole nine yards engine-out service a year and half ago and now I only spent $ on regular maintanence.

I participated the running of bull the past August along with mostly murci.and G cars. Even the oldest diablos are around '94. We drove through mountains, rivers and seashores in two days. My countach had no problems keeping up and staying right behind those much newer and better lambos.Out of 79 cars, there are one muira, one 400GT,two countachs ( '86 and Anniversary). My anniversary was the only "old" car completed the whole trip and did not overheat at all at 130 for about 30-40 minutes on St. Lucia mountain roads when outside temperature was around 103 degree.If the military police did not chase us ( me, Alex-orange turbo charged 6.0, a black '03 murci by a couple from Chicago. and a candy apple red '99 SV), my countach can go even faster. Even the gentlemen from factory told me during the fairwell dinner that they were impressed by what the anniversary countach can perform.
Conclusion: Once you bring your countach to tip top shape, you know how to drive right and how to take care of it, your regular maintenence is not much different than your other highliner cars.
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