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Countach eBay Fraud?? Looks that way...

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Isn't this the same car MiamiMellisa was just selling? And now it is here on a one day auction with no reserve? Looks mighty fishy!
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Before the auction was taken down by eBay, Iwas able to send the seller an e-mail. Read his response to me. Poor guy lost his grandfather, so he is selling his prestine Countach for $22000. :rolleyes:

"Hello and thank you for you interest in my car

The price for this car is 22000 USD s/h included.

First off all my name is Charles Hill and I am the legal owner of the
A few words about the car:
It is in immaculate condition and has No damage, no scratches or dents, no
hidden defects, and it is as advertised; hasn't been involved in any
It was only driven in short Sunday drives.
The motor runs very well, also the tires are almost new.
The title is clear ,it is not a salvage and can be easily retitled to your
name with no problems.
The car belonged to grandfather who loved and collect this kind of cars.He
died recently and left me by will the car and all of his stuff back here.
The car is now in Czech Republic as my grandfather lived there.I am now here
as i took care of the funerals.
Because i can't carry all his things back home i am selling them.
I am willing to sell it and ship it to any of the EU countries or to US.I
will not ship to any African,Asian or Eastern European countries.
I know that the price is low but i have no use for the car and I want to get
back home as soon as i sell it.
I want to sell the car asap so I am willing to pay 25% of the shipping fees
no matter the location.
I require a deposit of 3000USD.The money is a reservation for the car.First
one who makes the deposit will be the buyer.I need the deposit to be sure
that you want the car and in order to proceed with shipping and all the
additional export taxes.
I wait your further questions and i will provide any info you need.

Thank you,

I think I should play along and ask where and how to put the $3000 deposit.

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That car is/was the car from MiamiMelissa. And I know for a fact that it is owned outright by Joe Nastasi. They had all the paperwork there getting ready to put it on Ebay when I went in to pick up my parts.

Again I do not understand why people try to defruad others!

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More ebay come-ons

How about the white Countach on ebay for $36,000 that needs only minor body work on the hood, wing and windshield. You go for more infor and its a come-on to subscribe to a service that purports to give you a list of insurance company agents who sell all kinds of exotics real cheap.

Insurance companies liquidate their totals and other refuse at large professional auctions like Manheim, right?

Didn't bother looking further, except to google "insurance lidquidator auto" and got more silly garbage from list-sellers.

I doubt these people's mothers know what they do for a living.

Quasimotor :whip:

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It is a scam, I was toying with the guy.

This is what I wrote to him in response. Never heard from him again. I guess he got scared of my "uncle". :evil:

Mila Charles,

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Perfect, my uncle lives in Kladno, just outside of Praha. What city in Czechia is the car in? My uncle is well known in Kladno, Praha and Brno. He could have one of his people pickup the car. He was actually inviting me to go back there for the Erotica Sex 2004 festival last weekend. He promised that I could do whatever I want. I will be fully escorted by his women while being fully protected by his bodyguards, like the last time I visited there. Hey, what more could I ask for? Unfortunately, I had business I had to attend to, maybe next year.

No need to ship the car as he sends a shipping container out of Hamburg, Germany to Miami, FL almost monthly. I could have my uncle pay for the car in full in Czechia. All, you need to do is tell me where? He can probably even help you get rid of some of the stuff your grandfather left you. I'm really excited about the car. Let me know when you want to meet with his people. I can have him call you if you want. Jake platebni metody prijimate?

Opatruj se.

Don't ask me ask me to translate those Czech phrases, I just cut and paste it from the internet. :)

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LOL! That reply is hilarious! Must've tripped him out! Bodyguards, eh? Erotic fest? That is quite an Uncle you have there, hehehe

Yup, lots o scammers these days on eBay.. it is an amazing level of audacity, especially when you lift the pic of a car that was just posted legitimately a few days before!
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