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Countach dash removal

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I need to get the dash out of my countach so it can be recovered with leather. Does anyone have any Idea how to get the top part out. It seems to be secured by something near the windshield, but I can't see anything except pop rivets.
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Got it!

I finally removed the dash after 2 hours of trial and error. I removed the 2large round vents on the dash and found 2 studs (1 on each side ) bolted to the Round vent housing. They pop out of the dash itself. You cannot see the 2 studs b/c they are inside the defrost plenum. If you remove the outside 2 round vent and feel inside with you hand you will feel their location and can then remove the nut and washer. From there it is simple until reinstallation time.

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Interesting task, many other said always you need to remove the windshield to remove the dash...happy to know it works also this way
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