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I'm looking at whether or not I need to adjust the clutch on my '83 Countach and am confused. My owners manual says to adjust it at the pedal linkage by adjusting the clevis rod so that there is approximately 8 to 11 mm of free play at the pedal. I have a service manual from a later car that tells me to adjust it at the slave cylinder so that there is 1/4" free play at the pedal. I briefly looked at the free play at the master cylinder clevis rod last night. I didn't pull the rubber boot back to actually see the rod but just looking at the boot movement it looks like I've got maybe 1.5mm of travel before I start to feel the resistance of the master cylinder. I haven't measured the travel at the pedal yet. Am I correct in assuming that if I've got free play at the master cylinder clevis rod that the master cylinder piston is out as far as it will go and that the slave cylinder and linkage is not putting any loads on the t/o bearing and clutch? Other than having a heavy feel, the clutch seems to be operating ok and engages a reasonable distance from the floor. I've not detected any slipping. What's the right amount of free play, do you measure it at the master cylinder or slave cylinder, and which end do you adjust if the free play is not right?

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